Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Scene The Seen: 1 March 1967, Who are they and where are they now?

The dresses are generally simple, perhaps the woman in the white sleeveless dress looks a bit more flash, but notice the floral patterns!! Notice that in some cases, girls are dancing with girls!! Which band was playing at the time? Also, was the Sydney Bowl a popular spot? Go-Set photographers visited a large number of venues over the years, this was one!

The girl with the cigarette seems quite happy!! Is she looking at the cameraman, or just to his side? Where was Long Johns, and how popular was it? Finally, who were they dancing to?

Who were the Two By 2? What songs did they play?
Three views from the Scene The Seen in March of 1967. The first two pictures show the fashion in Sydney in March 1967, the third picture shows a group, who went onto where? The answers are most probably on line somewhere, maybe on Milesago?? Who took the photographs, Colin Beard took the Melbourne pics, and Grant Mudford took the Sydney pics.
Just had a quick look, and no Two By 2 on Mileago. So who knows anything about them. Notice the way the guitarist plays his guitar. Typical of the period, following the style of the old blues players. So what kind og music did they play, and they played at the Rendezvous in Mitcham, in Melbourne Victoria.
Who can help with this one? Also does anyone recognise the dancers in the top 2 pictures? If you do, who were they, and what are they doing today?