Wednesday, July 25, 2012

 This is the cover page from the July 26, 1967 issue of Go-Set. The issue contained a wide variety of information and topics and even ventured into the ethics of sexual relations.
However the cover made the announcement that the Groop had won the Battle of the Sounds competition.
The other mention of note is that Johnny Young was still in England, and would never return???
 Top 40 charts always afford great interest.
The first Australian song in the charts is at number 14, Easybeats: Heaven and Hell; followed at 15 by the Twilights: Young Girl; and then at 16 by Normie Rowe with But I Know.
The top 5 songs show the diversity of the music of the period with Procol Harum - Whiter Shade of Pale at 1; Scott Mackenzie with San Francisco at 2; Silence is Golden by the Tremeloes at 3; Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks at 4; and finally Petula Clark at 5 with This Is My Song; At 40 is the Groop with Woman You're Breaking Me. The highest debut is by the Beatles with All You Need Is Love which debuted at 9 on the chart.
There's probably a great deal to be said about this chart that is interestingly so representative of the hippy period and the beginnings of Haight Ashbury and also the slowly developing soul music which took a while to get going in Australia, except for the bigger hits and Max Merritt's interpretations. But Australian pop at this time was just beginning to mature, thanks to the help of Go-Set.
 Go-Set really got around. Capturing pictures from a dance at Laverton Airforce base. Denise Drysdale, Penthouse girls dancing, and a heap of bands made a wild night, by 1967 standards. More pictures to come
 Go-Set catered for the needs of its readers, so a soap ad was not out of place. Brand placement of Dorothy Gray, on one of the social pages was about educating the masses.
 The questioner, Michelle, lays the groundwork for Lloyd to put forward an argument as to how values were changing. This background comes against a moral set where the older generation was still coming to grips with the mini skirt, and the recent introduction of "the pill". So sex for pleasure, with the limited chance of pregnancy become a talking point for the generation. The question itself related to under age sex brought about by the needs of the poorest members of society!!!
Finally, more advertising, or advertorial. A Taste of Honey is some quite specific product placement in the form of an article. Place in the "You" section of the issue, it is part of the fashion section of the issue, and was aimed at both at making Go-Set the lead fashion magazine and to provide advertisers with a way into the minds of the readers.

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